Why Missing the Playoffs is Good for the Boston Bruins

Firs things first, this is obviously a disaster senario for the Bruins. But there will be some good to take away from it:
1) The Bruins probably weren't going far anyway. Peter Chiarelli could not have done a worse job managing the roster and the players we did have weren't playing like they have the ability too. Missing the playoffs will be a wake up call to the entire organization that they desperately need.

2) Hopefully the Bruins will take that wake up call and make some wholesale changes. The NHL is changing, and GM Chiarelli and coach Claude don't want to accept that fact. Speed and skill win, but they still show unwavering loyalty to slow grinders that don't get the job done. It's frustrating as a fan to have to watch guys with skill that score like Pastrnak and Spooner rot away on the bench while guys like Campbell are playing 15+ minutes a night. Hopefully we won't have to do that anymore. The Tyler Seguin trade is possibly Boston's worst since Babe Ruth, and it's embarrassing as an organization to make that big of a mistake. The GM and coach have to go, and missing the playoffs will probably let that happen, while making a little run in the postseason might have saved their jobs.

3) With this change, the Bruins will also have to pick a direction. It's time to get more skilled and speedy, and will have to decide on that with guys like Lucic and Chara. There is a good chance we will see them moved over the summer, and a guy like Lucic could get a good return. We could finally see a new look Bruins team that actually likes to score goals.

4) The Bruins will have about a 2% chance at McDavid (I would take Eichel):


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