Masters Bets

Winner- Jordan Spieth

Book it, take it to the bank, bet the mortgage, do whatever. Kids been on a heater he's ready to win the green jacket.

That's all I got for serious stuff but now let's take a look at some prop bets:
Will Tiger Woods make the cut? (Yes -115, No -115)
What the hell I'll take the yes, so much more fun with Tiger involved.

Winning nationality USA: -138 Europe: +200 Rest of world: +450
Well since Jordan Spieth is winning give me USA-138 and some more  #FreeMoney 

First-time winner: Yes: -220 No: +165
Ask yourself, has Jordan Spieth won the masters? No, ok well then take the yes-220 and win some more #FreeMoney

Will there be a hole in one? Yes: -130 No: Even 
I'm not really feeling a hole in one, the odds are pretty low I'd take the No and make a few bucks. You won't win a lot but #FreeMoney is #FreeMoney

There you have it, when you're swimming in #FreeMoney on Monday afternoon be sure to thank, we should be charging for this stuff. 

*The responsibility of all betting falls on the person making those bets, is not responsible for any lost money due to these betting strategies. 


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