Time to Play Guess Claude's Lines

If you listened to Felger and Mazz at all today you probably heard their little bit about a game show called "Guess Claude's Lines". They didn't actually really play but they did have a solid intro. Well we're gonna play right now because what we do here at patburke.net, we get stuff done. 

Claude is known not only for his unreal faces but for rolling out God awful lines at the worst possible times when other skilled players sit on the bench. For example Kelly, Campbell, and Paille had ZERO GOALS THE ENTIRE MONTH OF MARCH but we see them every 4 shifts racking up 15+ minutes of ice time while playmakers like Spooner and Pasta rot away on the bench. Well now things get interesting, with the young guns on a tear, Krejci coming back and now Connoly is set to make his Bruins debut. In the biggest game of the year we ask what will Claude do? 

It's anyone's guess really, but here's mine: 
Line 1*: Lucic - Spooner - Pastrnak 
Line 2: Marchand - Bergeron - Smith 
Line 3: Soderberg - Krejci - Eriksson
Line 4*: Talbot - Kelly - Connolly 

For no reason, I'm showing some blind faith in Claude thinking that he'll do the right thing and sit  Campbell and Paille but God only knows with him. In fact I'd like to see Connolly with Bergy and Marchand but Claude has a strange obsession with Smith even though he is the worst. Anyway that's my guess, feel free to leave yours below and good luck you'll need it. 
*-will get fourth  line minutes 
**-will get first line minutes


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