BU Poised To Win 6th National Title

What's that sound, you ask? Oh that's just the sound of North Dakota leaving Boston and getting home early. Seriously they shouldn't even bother showing up after seeing that video. Jack Eichel might put up an Ovechtrick (9 ginos).

I'll be at the Garden on Thursday for the first round of the Frozen Four as the ipso facto championship game at 8:30 takes place between BU and North Dakota. Seriously how horny are hockey fans for this game? I'd say hornier than a 13 year old boy at a Hooters. This game has potential to be the greatest college hockey game of all time. It actually sucks that this is the semifinal and that Providence and Nebraska Omaha are the other two teams. Providence vs UNO is probably the most boring matchup possible for a Frozen Four. Oh well, all that means is that BU will beat North Dakota in a nail biting, heart attack inducing game and then rout whatever sorry team wins the other game.

It's hat and t shirt season in the world of college hockey, and let's see how that's gone for the BU Terriers so far.

Hockey East Championship:

And Screw it Throw in the Hobey Baker (Hockey's Heisman) since Eichel will run away with it:


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