Anyone That Didn't Have Michigan State in the Final 4 Should Quit March Madness For Life

Seriously how did nobody have this? Basically the first thing I did when I looked at my bracket was write in Michigan State to the final 4. Such and obvious pick when you add everything up. Who else was in that region? I'll answer that, nobody. That's reason enough right there but let's look at a few more things. 

Trice and Valentine can't stop wont stop being clutch, any time you have leaders like that you're gonna be a tough out. The only team that could give them a shot was Virginia, and my high school's team can score better than them. Just nobody in that region was close to intimidating except for State. 

The main reason of course though and it's not even close: 

Tom Izzo just owns the month of March. Dude just went to the bank took out a fat stack and bought March. Every picture calander in the world should be forced to have Tom Izzo as the March picture. If you're playing Izzo any round before the final 4 you lose and that's life. So really in that weak of a region with Sparty as the most underrated 7 seed of all time, it was free money taking them and if you missed it maybe March Madness isn't for you. What they do from here on out remains to be seen but nonetheless I think one thing we can all agree on is for the sake of the world please knock out the insufferable Dookies. 


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