A Look At The Pats and Jets For 2015

This pic says it all but I'll cover it anyway I hear a lot of discouraged Patriots fans and over zealous Jets fans talking trash about the Patriots offseason. I also hear a lot of people pretending the Patriots are not going to win the AFC East title, yet again. (mostly Jets fans). Let me tell you something, as long as we have this man at the helm.
"we gon' be alright" - Kendrick Lamar
People need to realize that the Patriots are notorious for letting stars walk because they are not going to overpay said stars by the end of their contracts. That is why they happily signed Revis for one year and let him go when he wanted huge money for 4 more. The Patriots have been the BEST franchise in football since 2000 and there is no arguing that. Over the years we have stayed elite by letting guys go that wanted ridiculous money such as Lawyer Milloy, Richard Seymour, and Asante Samuel, just to name a few. They found a replacement for all of them and I have no doubt that they will find one for Revis and Browner. Revis' shoes will be tough to fill by replacement. But, the Patriots will find somebody to do just that and we will still have one of the best defenses in the league.

Now for the idiots saying that Revis, Cromartie, and Brandon Marshall are going to make the jets a playoff team, lay off the crack please. Look at the 2011-2012 Jets teams, very similar to this years projected roster. They had Cromartie and Revis on roster then and they had a Santonio Holmes that resembles Brandon Marshall. At first, the Holmes-Marshall comparison seems to be a stretch, but let me break it down for you. 
In 2011 Santonio Holmes had 51 receptions for 654 yards and 8 touchdowns. Last year Brandon Marshall put up 61 receptions for 721 yards and 8 touchdowns. These numbers are extremely similar. Brandon Marshall is washed up and will not have 1,000 yards receiving like everyone is saying he will. The New York Jets are where wide receiver's careers go to die and the same will happen to B Marsh.

Oh I almost forgot... The Jets quarterback battle is between:

Ryan Fitzpatrick
and Geno Smith
 who had a combined record of 9 wins and 16 losses as starters last year. Whereas TB12 had a record of 15 wins and 4 losses last year. So the Jets have worse quarterbacks than the Mark Sanchez they had in 2012, a troubled WR, and corner backs that are 3 years older than they were then. Sounds like they are cooking up an identical 6-10 season identical to their 2012 record. Even 6-10 may be generous because that's a 2 game improvement from last year and they are still going to have a scrub throwing the ball. The only debate is which of the two poor excuses of QB's  will start for them. Jets fans simmer down with the trash talk and talk to me when you make it past the AFC title game. Patriots fans also calm down and don't let the Jets trolls get under your skin. Let them talk their shit about our offseason, because the Revis sweepstakes is the only thing they've won in a while. The Patriots have Tom Brady who wakes up and pisses excellence and shits out touchdowns. No worries we will finish in 1st again and make a playoff run, again. 

PS: Revis can only cover one guy, and Cromartie is almost as washed up as Marshall. So what are they gonna do with these three? 

PSS: wanna know how gronk feels about next year?


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