Shaka Smart Announced as New Head Coach of Texas Longhorns Basketball


The most recent news in College Basketball has something to do with someone not wearing blue and white, but someone who will be wearing orange and white. The University of Texas announced a new head coach yesterday, brinign VCU's Shaka Smart down to Austin.

Smart's track record at VCU was remarkable. He transformed the little prrogram into a new and up and coming program that is deadly in the month of March. He reached the Final Four in 2011, reached 5 straight tournaments, won one A-10 conference torunament title, and won 1 CAA conference tournament title. Prety impressive. 

Shaka'a arrival is soley due to the exit of coach Rick Barnes. In recent years, the Texas program has hit sort of a drought, not reaching a Sweet Sixteen since the 2007-08 campaign, and not winning a Big12 title since then too. Needless to say, the Texas program needs a big transformation. There's no one better to do that with than Shaka Smart. I think he's good enough to coach in the NBA, but Texas is a high paying school that needs a man of that coaching talent. Expect a huge upturn for the Longhorns next year due to their new coach and the new prospects he brings along. A deep torunament run could be in the Longhorns future, and they could end up being the next VCU. The hiring of Shaka Smart, though a shock to VCU is a great move for both UT and Smart. Watch out for the Longhorns in years to come. 

Leave comments below about how far Texas can go in next year's tournament with Shaka Smart at the helm. We at would love to hear them. #HookEm'


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