Flood in the Atacama Desert

So on March 30th there were huge floods in Northern Chile due to excessive amounts of rain. I heard about it a few days ago but I didn't pay much attention to it. I just saw that 25 people were dead and more than 100 are still missing, probably dead. It's obviously very sad stuff that you never want to hear about and you never want to experience.

With that said, this video is bananas. Everything in this dude's town is getting washed away in front of him and he doesn't sound too phased by it. You name it and it went by this guy. I feel like I'd be a little more worried that my house was gonna get swept away by this huge flood five feet in front of me. But that's my inner American talking. These Chilean guys are built tough, they don't blink. Monstrous flood in front of me? No problem, feed me more. Give me a challenge next time, eh?


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