Two Album Battle for Best Rap Album of 2014

2014 was weak to say the least when it came to rap music... Eminem dropped a GARBAGE album that everyone went crazy about. Probably Eminem's worst project. EVER. There was MAYBE 5 projects that were keeping in your music library, and one was a free mixtape! Three of those projects were still a full tier below the top two. The three decent projects worthy of a download but not much more are...*drumroll ensues*      

Schoolboy Q- Oxymoron
Oxymoron was a very slight improvement from Q's last album (Habits and Contradictions). It was good but not great.
Top 3 from Oxymoron: Studio, Man of the Year, and Collard Greens..... Really no brainers here
3 Worst from Oxymoron: His & Her Friend, Grooveline Pt.2, and Gravy...... 

My thoughts exactly Charles, Q was very inconsistent on this album... Still worthy of a download. 

Overall Rating: 8/10

Next on the list is:

Rick Ross- Mastermind
Rozay just did more of the same on this album (talked about thug shit and bitches) and I couldn't have enjoyed it more.
Top 3: Sanctified, The Devil Is A Lie, and Supreme. Katt Williams skit in the beginning of Supreme is A+ because Katt is one of the funniest people to ever walk the earth.
Worst 3: Drug Dealers Dream, Dope Bitch Skit, and Blk & Wht. I know dope bitch skit shouldn't count, but that shit was so unnecessary and annoying. 
Ps: Rick stop singing on songs, ie:Blk & Wht.
Overall Rating: 8.5/10

Last one to round up tier 2

Migos- No Label 2
This may be a mixtape, BUT it is worthy of a spot on this unorthodox top 5 list.
Top 5: Fight Night, Copy Me, Kidding Me, Emmit Smith, and Birds. The sheer size combined with the quality of this mixtape made it necessary to include a top 5 instead of 3.
Bottom 3: Where Were You, Freak No More, and Built Like Me. Pretty weak songs but you release a mixtape with 25 songs you're bound to have a few duds on it.
Overall Rating: 8.6/10

NOW.... Time for the real list. The top 2 albums of the year that were by far better than any other projects released in 2014.


J Cole - 2014 Forest Hills Drive
This is one of the best albums released in the last five years. Before this, I could not enjoy a J Cole album and was the biggest Cole hater. I just always thought he was an underachiever and never lived up to the hype. Then one person FORCED me to listen to this album with an open mind and I was instantly loving it. J Cole really stepped his game up and turned me from a hater to a big fan of this album. His other albums are a different story, they belong in the trash in my opinion and shouldn't see the light of day again after 2014 FHD dropped.
Let's go over this:
1. Intro - 7.5/10 
2. January 28th - 8/10
3. Wet Dreamz - 9.7/10
4. 03 Adolescence - 8.5/10 
5. A Tale Of 2 Citiez - 9.5/10
6. Fire Squad - 10/10
7. St. Tropez - 8.3/10
8. G.O.M.D - 9.5/10
9. No Role Modelz - 9.2/10
10. Hello - 7.8/10
11. Apparently - 9.3/10
12. Love Yourz - 9.5/10
13. Note to Self - 7/10

OVERALL: 9.2/10

This album is great and I would consider it a must buy. No bad songs on it. Also, Fire Squad was something else I've never ever seen from J Cole, he just murdered this track. 
PS: congrats on being the first hip hop album since 1989 to go platinum with ZERO features. Very impressive, kudos J Cole, kudos.

Lastly, my ALBUM OF THE YEAR. This is based on how much this album exceeded my expectations and the quality of the production brought on this album.

And the album of the year is?

YG - My Krazy Life

This was a very difficult choice to make, but in the end I had to give it to the young Compton native YG. This album's production is perfect for his style of music, bass heavy and guaranteed to get a party popping off. The area YG surprised me most with was his lyrics and his storytelling ability. He really stepped up and created an amazing album. Shout out to DJ Mustard for producing 11 out of the 17 songs on this album. 
Shall we?
1. Momma Speech Intro - 8/10
2. BPT - 9.2/10
3. I Just Wanna Party - 9.8/10
4. Left, Right - 9/10
5. Bicken Back Bein Bool - 9.3/10
6. Meet The Flockers - 9.7/10
7. My N***a - 9.7/10
8. Do It To Ya - 8/10
9. Me & My Bitch - 8.7/10
10. Who Do You Love - 10/10
11. Really Be (Smokin N Drinkin) - 9/10
12. 1AM - 9.3/10
13. Thank God (Interlude) - 7.7/10
14. Sorry Momma - 9/10
15. When I Was Gone - 8.7/10
16. Bompton - 8.5/10
17. My N***a (Remix) 9.2/10

OVERALL: 9.3/10

As you can see by the overall scores this was extremely close with 2014 FHD for album of the year. But the production on YG's album was just too good to ignore. Probably the best album in the production aspect since Good Kid m.A.A.d City. Can't get over how well put together this album is. Also if you are the aux cord controller or a DJ; this album needs to be in your music library, put on any song to this album and I give it a money back guarantee to get the party going crazy. 

There were two bright spots to 2014, here's to a better 2015 in the hip hop/rap album department.


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