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Massachusetts Attorney General Just Filed a Proposal to Make FantasyFootball 21+

(Wall Street Journal)The Massachusetts attorney general wants to ban anyone younger than 21 from playing daily fantasy sports and impose a host of regulations on the industry. The announcement, made Thursday by state Attorney General Maura Healey, stopped short of declaring the games illegal. Massachusetts will not follow the lead of New York Attorney general Eric Schneiderman, who this week declared daily fantasy “plainly illegal” and filed suit to shut providers down in the state. “These regulations are a first of their kind for the daily fantasy sports industry and they focus on protecting minors, ensuring truthful advertising, bringing more transparency to the industry and leveling the playing field for all consumers,” Ms. Healey said.

Here we have the dumbest news of the last 6 months, the Massachusetts Attorney General proposed to make daily fantasy sports have a 21+ regulation. All personal feelings aside (this news is just crippling to my mild draftkings addiction) this propos…


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Flame emojis everywhere.

The UFO Sighting in Los Angeles

By now, you have probably heard about the "UFO" sighting in California over the weekend. Most of the time when this stuff happens, a select few people are able to get video of it. A lot of the time, it comes out that the people doctored these videos to try and get their five minutes of fame. This time was a little different. Instead of a handful of weirdos uploading their footage to YouTube, there were thousands of people from the area tweeting pictures and videos of it out for the rest of us to see.

Something stuck out about this sighting. I hadn't seen something like what was in the sky that night ever before. The weird, circular blue light looked like it wasn't something that came from the Earth. The first explanation that was offered up made a whole lot of sense. A news station came out and said that it was a meteor burning up in our atmosphere. This has happened before, most recently in Russia in February of 2013, when a meteor so big came through the atmospher…