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Is This Possibly The Dumbest Person On The Planet?

This... Is easily in the top five dumbest human beings on the face of the earth. So many things said in this video are some of the most mind-boggling, and overwhelmingly stupid things I've ever heard in my life. It's not even the fact she had no clue where Budapest was, because that's not that unreasonable. But, statements such as: 
"I thought Europe was a country" That's what started the snowball effect of  just brainless statements that spewed out of this ladies mug. Next up we have:
"I know they speak French there"
Such a bold statement. You had no idea Europe was not a country 15 seconds before this. Then right after you admitted that gem, you say "Buddhist..... Budapest I've never even heard of that" Now all of sudden you KNOW they speak French there... Keep em coming sweetheart.
"Is France a country?" 
This is in the same breath as her speaking French statement. Also hit us with a "I don't think France is a cou…

Bold Move to Sue All Homosexuals

( An Auburn woman calling herself an ambassador for God and his son, Jesus Christ, filed a federal lawsuit Friday against all homosexuals.Sylvia Driskell, 66, said in the suit that she is petitioning the U.S. District Court of Omaha to be heard “in the matter of homosexuality. Is homosexuality a sin, or not a sin?”
Don't quote me on this, but this lady could be the most insane lady in the history of the universe. There are a few groups that you shouldn't go after because they have a right to exist and they are correct in their beliefs. I think homosexuals are #1 on the list. You just can't go after those guys. They deserve to be with whoever they want and gay marriage is legal in a bunch of states now. Just really bananas that this is the group you'd pick to go after.  Jesus freaks gonna Jesus freak, I guess. Also, calling yourself an ambassador for God and Jesus Christ is a little bit of a stretch. This lady should go stand outside of Fenway with the dude …

Man Steals Airplane Then Admits To Being A Pedophile

Ummmm, what? Are you serious, guy? First, you manage to somehow steal an airplane and get away with it, then you admit to being a pedophile? Are you serious? This dude literally could have flown anywhere with this plane and probably would have managed to escape. To top that off, no one was asking you about being a pedophile. Could have just not said that and no one would have questioned you. "Criminals" these days are getting dumber and dumber.

With that being said, I hope this dude gets the bag beaten out of him when he goes to jail. There's no place on this Earth for pedophiles and you obviously cannot fix them since this guy knew he was a pedophile for 14 years and couldn't overcome it. Whatever, just get this dude out of my face, too much idiot for one night.

Pacquiao Hit With Class Action Lawsuit for $5M

Welcome to America ladies and gentlemen. Land of the free and the home of the brave. People that say there's no opportunity in America are dead wrong. What's more American than watching two men  beat each other up (kind of)  in the most hyped up boxing match of all time? Well, paying $100 for a fight then turning around and filing a class action lawsuit for $5,000,000 against one of the fighters for being hurt is the answer. That's a profit margin if I've ever seen one. Bill Gates is somewhere kicking himself for not thinking of it first. It just goes to show you how much opportunity exists in America as long as you follow the three L's: Lawsuit, Lawsuit, and Lawsuit.