Man Steals Airplane Then Admits To Being A Pedophile

Ummmm, what? Are you serious, guy? First, you manage to somehow steal an airplane and get away with it, then you admit to being a pedophile? Are you serious? This dude literally could have flown anywhere with this plane and probably would have managed to escape. To top that off, no one was asking you about being a pedophile. Could have just not said that and no one would have questioned you. "Criminals" these days are getting dumber and dumber.

With that being said, I hope this dude gets the bag beaten out of him when he goes to jail. There's no place on this Earth for pedophiles and you obviously cannot fix them since this guy knew he was a pedophile for 14 years and couldn't overcome it. Whatever, just get this dude out of my face, too much idiot for one night.


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