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Jack Eichel Claims Another Victim

While the OHL's Connor Mcdavid has already been declared the next great one by many, Boston University freshman Jack Eichel has been kicking ass and taking names throughout the NCAA. This past weekend the 3rd ranked BU Terriers completed a weekend sweep over #12 Vermont, thanks to an OT winner from the Chelmsford native. This weekend Eichel was able to extend his point totals to 13 goals and 22 assists through 22 games, good for the best PPG in the country. Oh yeah and by the way he just turned 18.
He also leads the country in OT goals with winners against:


Umass Lowell 
Basically, Jack Eichel is nasty. While he'll probably go #2 overall, especially if a Canadian team such as the Oilers picks first, mark my words he will turn out better than McDavid. The Oilers are where talented players go to die. Also, Eichel is a stronger, more powerful player that fits the pro game. His body is more re…

Blizzard 2015

So the first big story of the site is about a blizzard. It's supposedly gonna be one for the record books and I am not complaining at all. In south eastern MA, there are chances for up to 2 or even 3 feet of snow, which is absurd. I know that you can't really trust the weathermen all the time but with everyone predicting the same thing, I'd think they were right this time.
I will be outside from the beginning of the storm thru the night to record video of it. I'll probably go outside after it is all over to check out the aftermath and add that to the video. I did this with the blizzard of '13 and it really helps to put in perspective how much snow we actually get. 
With that being said, I think that power outages, intense conditions, and damage will cause school to be out of session for Tuesday, if not Wednesday. I also heard that there is another storm that is moving in on Friday that could make things even more interesting. If the storm is significant enough, any…

The First Post

Welcome to I am not really sure what this website is going to turn out to be. It may be one that lasts a few days, or one that lasts much longer than that. What I do know is while we are on the internet, we will do our best to try to bring accurate news stories, sports reports, and personal opinions. There are many places out there where the news is skewed, in a way, to favor one side of a political agenda. This is not the proper way to receive the news. The public should have a way of getting an unbiased view of what is going on in our country, as well as around the globe. Lets get down to business and describe who will be writing for the site. The Big 3. 
Patrick Burke (myself): I will act as the moderator, in addition to writing my own stories on a variety of subjects.

Justin Allen: Justin will cover hockey and global stories. He has an incredible ability to make an argument and argue this point with facts and common sense, so it will be interesting to see what he has t…