Blizzard 2015

So the first big story of the site is about a blizzard. It's supposedly gonna be one for the record books and I am not complaining at all. In south eastern MA, there are chances for up to 2 or even 3 feet of snow, which is absurd. I know that you can't really trust the weathermen all the time but with everyone predicting the same thing, I'd think they were right this time.
Credit: WCVB Boston
I will be outside from the beginning of the storm thru the night to record video of it. I'll probably go outside after it is all over to check out the aftermath and add that to the video. I did this with the blizzard of '13 and it really helps to put in perspective how much snow we actually get. 

With that being said, I think that power outages, intense conditions, and damage will cause school to be out of session for Tuesday, if not Wednesday. I also heard that there is another storm that is moving in on Friday that could make things even more interesting. If the storm is significant enough, anywhere from 4-6 inches, I would think no school Friday, either.

Here's a video I made from a few years ago during the blizzard in February of 2013.


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