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Jerod Mayo: Epitome of Being a True Patriot

Jerod Mayo was drafted 10th overall by the Patriots back in 2008. Who knew that 8 years later he'd be retiring and going down as one of the most inspiring players ever? Jerod is a class act. He always played as hard as he could and put in some of the best effort I've ever seen out of any player. It stinks that the only ring he got was while he was on IR, and he couldn't play in the big game, but he definitely contributed to that 2014 championship season on and off the field. His last 3 seasons for the Patriots were plagued by injury, so everyone knew it was a matter of time until we saw him go. I anticipated that the Patriots wouldn't pick up his option and he'd go off into free agency, but instead he chose to retire as a Patriot. I had the chance once to have a conversation with Jerod, a quick one, but I just knew from that conversation that he was dedicated to football and giving back to the community. Now it's time for him to go off into the sunset and star…

Red Sox Will Probably Win the World Series

If we could time travel back to October of last year and you told me that I would say the Red Sox were going to win the World Series in 2016, I would probably laugh in your face. The team was in total dismay and we finished at the bottom of the AL East for the second straight year, only being able to pump out 78 wins. However, this brings me to my main point. If a team that was so painful to watch could win 78 games... then I have all the hope in the world.

The first reason I have hope is because of Dave Dombrowski and what he was able to do with our pitching staff. To the untrained eye, it did not seem like much outside the signing of our new ace David Price. But, we added a starting pitcher by the name of Roenis Elias. He is the type of guy, if he can get back to his 2014 numbers, who would do just fine as a number 5 in our rotation. We lost Rich Hill and Wade Miley, who were both God awful last year. I could not be more happy to see them gone. I absolutely would call this addition…

Think I Just Found the Female OBJ

WHAT A GRAB!!! Running through sand in high heals, nonetheless!! No doubt it was a catch, and no doubt that every single dude that was at this wedding went up to talk to her after this. This is how you show the world that you shouldn't be single anymore. OBJ who?? Imagine the catches the offspring of those two would make..oh my.

Side note: I feel like I'm seeing catches like this a lot lately. Makes me think I could do it.

UPDATE: So apparently this was a Super Bowl commercial? Think this was my mind trying to forget that night. Whatever.

Whats the big get up with Ash Wednesday?

I decided to take a ride today to the mall to get my free Chipotle burrito and one thing kept sticking out to me. I kept seeing people walking by me with these black marks on their foreheads and I was going out of my mind wondering why these people were humiliating themselves. Then it dawned on me that there is this day in the church world where people get a cross on their foreheads. So I go ahead and ask siri what today is and she yells at me, and I mean legit yelled at me that today is Ash Wednesday. I understand that people take their religion very seriously, but I just don't get the ash on the forehead thing. Just to be clear, I have nothing against any religion. I honestly could care less what you believe in, that's your thing. After some research, I found out today is the beginning lent, and lent is when you give something up for like 2 months or something like that until Easter. I hate this. I just don't get it. The problem I have with it is the ash on the forehead…

Truck Day

While it may not be the day that pitchers and catchers report, Truck Day is a step in the right direction. I walk by Fenway a lot and I always find my self daydreaming about warmer times, sitting in the bleachers and taking in a nice ball game. I could sit there forever and watch the Sox and with what our team looks like on paper, we may be in for a nice surprise.

With that being said, this year is gonna be filled with a ton of questions. Will Papi finally show his age? What is the deal with Hanley? Will Cherington's absence be that noticeable? Will someone PLEASE take Jackie Bradley Jr's lifeless body off of our team? I have no idea, but I do know that I can't wait to see them all get answered. Go Sox.

Kanye Needs to Get Off Twitter

I want to make this abundantly clear: I love Kanye. I think he makes awesome music and that he might be the greatest of our generation. Do I also think he is one of the biggest douchebags of all time? Of course. But that doesn't mean that he doesn't make great music. The two absolutely do not have to be related.

Now comes the big question: should Ye be on Twitter every day? My thought is absolutely not. Part of the lure to a Kanye tweet used to be that he never tweeted, ever. If he did, it was usually about a song or album release and everyone would go nuts. In rare occasions, it could be a rant which was always funny. Somewhere along the line, someone probably started to tell Kanye to tweet more and now we have this garbage. His beef with Wiz Khalifa last week was so stupid (even though he originally murdered him). Ye deleted his tweets as if he lost and ended up taking a loss somehow. He recently started coming at Puma for giving Kylie Jenner a million dollar deal. He also …

Are the Boston Celtics 2015-16 NBA Champions?

Now this may seem a little over zealous at first, but, let me tell you why this may be closer to happening than you think. Do they have a legitimate shot at winning a title this year? Not exactly. But, I have faith in trader Danny Ainge to bring us hopes of a title in the very near future. Almost all championship teams have three big things in common, and this Celtics team has two and a half-ish of those things.

              The first thing on this list is a really good/great coach. And in case you haven't heard, the Celtics have one of the best underrated coaches in the entire league. Brad Stevens has a history of getting the absolute most out of his players regardless of their talent level. For those who are big college basketball fans may remember him as the coach who led the #8 seed Butler Bulldogs to the NCAA Championship game. He has proven to be a great coach that all of his players trust and respect. Brad has also proved time and time again that he needs to …

I'm new here.

I'm Russell. Nice to meet you all.

Let's get after it.

The Patriots Lost Super Bowl 50 and They Didn't Even Play

Dear Idiots that rooted for Peyton Manning tonight, Congrats. You'll never be able to defend TB12 as the best ever. People will always bring up the fact that Peyton is 3-2 against Brady in the playoffs. If this is the last rodeo, it's something you cannot change. Brady could win 100 rings and you would still hear about how Peyton could beat him when it really mattered. If you were a true Brady fan that understood how sports worked, you would side with myself. Have fun watching ESPN until next February when we win the next bowl. But when that happens I will look at New England and say congrats, we did it again. But to Denver, I say that we will see you in the AFC Championship game next year, without Peyton. Brock stands no chance against the brute force that is the New England Patriots. Just for the record I cannot stand those who voted for the arch nemesis, I do no want you on our side nor do I want you to ever think about TB12 in a positive light. This is something you subcons…