Are the Boston Celtics 2015-16 NBA Champions?

             Now this may seem a little over zealous at first, but, let me tell you why this may be closer to happening than you think. Do they have a legitimate shot at winning a title this year? Not exactly. But, I have faith in trader Danny Ainge to bring us hopes of a title in the very near future. Almost all championship teams have three big things in common, and this Celtics team has two and a half-ish of those things.

              The first thing on this list is a really good/great coach. And in case you haven't heard, the Celtics have one of the best underrated coaches in the entire league. Brad Stevens has a history of getting the absolute most out of his players regardless of their talent level. For those who are big college basketball fans may remember him as the coach who led the #8 seed Butler Bulldogs to the NCAA Championship game. He has proven to be a great coach that all of his players trust and respect. Brad has also proved time and time again that he needs to be recognized for the plays he calls out of timeouts because he almost always has more than one option for the plays he draws up. Just the other night in Cleveland he drew up a play for Isaiah Thomas to tie the game, but, the two for Isaiah was not there so Isaiah turned around and dished it to Avery Bradley for the game winning three pointer. The Celtics are beyond all set in the coaching front as long as Brad Stevens sticks around.

             The second thing needed from a Championship team is kind of a two part point. It is the team's depth and the teams chemistry. This team has amazing depth. When the second unit comes into the game the talent drop off is slim to none. They have a plethora of very solid players and one real gem in Isaiah Thomas. Now for their team chemistry, they are playing unbelievable together at the moment and it seems like they are having a lot of fun out there. Also, how about the team that was projected to be the 7 or 8 seed in the playoffs sitting pretty at 9 games above .500 at 31-22 and the current 3 seed in the eastern conference. This has a lot to do with their team chemistry but again some credit needs to go to super coach Brad Stevens.

             The last thing needed for a championship team is star power. Nowadays it appears you need at least two all star caliber players to become a next level team. Lucky for us we stole one of those players from the Phoenix Suns for a bag of basketballs and a room temperature cup of coffee... No seriously, we traded Marcus Thornton and the Cavaliers 1st round pick which might as well be considered a second round pick, for Isaiah Thomas... WHAT... talk about highway robbery. This little 5 foot 9 inch terror has been unreal for us this year. NOW, with that being said we still need another all star on this team. Ideally if we could pull something off to get Kevin Durant in green then we become very serious contenders. Obviously Kevin Durant is almost 100% not coming here in free agency or by trade, but we all can dream right? But I do expect another all star player to be wearing green by the end of 2016, granted it will most likely be next season.

             SO, will we be the champions this year? probably not. But I will give you a guarantee of an NBA finals appearance within the next three years. Bet the house on that and put it in the books


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