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(Spoilers Included)
I will start by saying that I was oddly satisfied by this movie. I read many reviews online and from critics before the Oscars that warned me to stay away because they felt it was boring and a waste of time. After seeing the film take the most prestigious award of the night, I figured that I would give it a shot. 
Michael Keaton gave a performance that was both satirical and genuine. Maybe I am wrong when I say this, but I think that many people didn't realize it was supposed to be a parody of stars today. Riggan Thomson AKA "Birdman" was a man who had once hit it big with a superhero movie franchise and was longing for the old fame and money to be right back on his lap. He decided that he will do anything to not be forgotten, which is why he is attempting to write, direct and act in his own adaptation of a work by Raymond Carver. Riggan even goes as far as to shoot his own nose off to get the publicity needed to get good reviews. Riggan has a voice ins…

The Great Interstellar Snub

Never before have I seen a movie snubbed as much as Interstellar has been since it's release. It hurts my brain to think that Gravity could clean up at the Academy Awards while the cast and crew of Interstellar only walked away with one award. It's bananas. It's malarky. 
The fact that Matthew McConaughey recieved minimal praise for his role in the movie is mind bending. Before seeing the movie, I wasn't a huge McConaughey guy. I had seen a few of his movies before but I never really looked at him as an actor that could pull off this kind of a role. He was always a tad bit goofy, and it turned me off. Here, he gives a stellar preformance that brought me back to the theatre three times. 
It was very nice to see that the people who were in charge of the visual effects for the film got the nod. They were extremely deserving, I had not seen such a visually appealing movie in a very long time. Sadly, they were the only ones to take home any hardware
Hans Zimmer changes movies …