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Kareem Hunt Released by the Chiefs

Kareem Hunt, apparent scumbag, was released by the Kansas City Chiefs today. This comes after TMZ released a video from a Cleveland hotel security camera involving Hunt and his team scuffling with a few women. There is no audio, so you can't tell what happened before, after, or during, but it really doesn't matter. Here is the link if you really want to see it.

Hold onto your hats, folks. This is gonna be a long and probably controversial ride.

I could be wrong with my analysis here, but I'm basing this solely off of the same TMZ article that put Hunt out of a job.

Let's break down some of the facts provided to us by the article. If you want to use TMZ's reporting as the holy grail, it's important to look at the interviews they posted of the alleged victim and of the member of Hunt's group. It's important to make inferences on your own, so obviously don't take my word to the bank. It's time for me to play devil's advocate here.

Okay, are yo…

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