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Do We Stop Talking about that ESPN Article?

(SOURCE)- A fifth Super Bowl triumph healed some of those wounds, but there's no guarantee that a sixth will fix the rest. Something has to change, that much everyone knows. Many Patriots players and staff believe that Brady is a good man who has a hard time saying no to Guerrero. They've noticed that he seems to be searching this year, as if reaching the pinnacle of his profession is as fleeting as it is rewarding, manifesting itself in outbursts like the one at McDaniels. Belichick seems to be grinding harder than ever, as if more than a sixth championship is at stake. Before the Patriots played the Steelers in December, he told players, "I brought you here for games like this."

I almost never write about sports because I don't think that it is really worth anything more than half of my attention. At the end of the day, I don't really care what happens in games anymore because it really just is a game.

With that being said, the team I care about the most is …

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