The Middle East Left Behind by Obama

Socially, former President Obama took the steps needed to make sure that we were progressing in this country. He led the way in legalizing gay marriage, blocked both the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines from happening, and even took steps to prevent climate change. I respect him for this because I think it was an unpopular decision to do what he did. He knew that this would only further anger the Republican Party. When it came to Hillary continuing the Democratic ways for the next four years, one has to think that Obama thought he would have four more years.

That is neither here nor there. The real reason I'm writing this article is to talk about how much I disagree with his foreign policy in the Middle East. An already turbulent region was turned upside down, yet again, because of the Obama administration. Obama was, in a sense, anti-Israel. After reading about the Sykes-Picot agreement, it is clear that the situation is murkier than most think. You can read about it here…

Pope Warns of Global Water War

Pope Francis recently spoke about how he was concerned that the globe would launch into a new world war over water. He talked about how he was worried that people don't have access to clean, drinkable water, calling for people to do more to improve this terrible situation.

The Pope pointed to a UN report that, "nearly 663 million people lack ready access to improved sources of drinking water, while the number of people without reliable access to water of good enough quality to be safe for human consumption is at least 1.8 billion.” (source)

Before diving into the issue of the world's water supply, I think it is important to say that the Pope should try to figure out what is going on in his own church before he starts talking about the ethical thing that people should do on a global scale.

With that being said, there is no doubt that the world will eventually run into a problem with its water supply. No, this is not a conspiracy theory based off of the movie Interstellar.…

Codename Curveball

Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi, known to most of the world simply as "Curveball", was an Iraqi chemical engineer who claimed to work at a plant that made and mobilized Weapons of Mass Destruction in the mid to late 1990's under Saddam Hussein.
Curveball's story is one that is seldom told in the United States because it exposed the weaknesses in the intelligence community. It now seems as though people forget that we weren't going to war with Iraq to eradicate radical Islamic terrorists, but to seize and destroy WMDs that Saddam Hussein was creating and getting ready to use. 
This seems like a perfectly good idea. The trouble is, we found out the hard way that Iraq never had WMDs. It could have been prevented.
Curveball defected from Iraq in 1998 and attempted to get a green card in Germany. The way that he thought he could get his green card was to leak top secret information about harmful weapons that Iraq was making.
Rafid said that he had graduated at the top of…

ISIS and "The Blessed Ban"

The New York Times' ISIS reporter Rukmini Callimachi is stationed in Eastern Mosul in Iraq. The Iraqi army recently liberated the eastern part of the city, while ISIS maintains its hold on the west. The two armies are currently separated by the Tigris River.

The Iraqi army is driving ISIS out of major cities with the help of the United States, Russia, and other nations. A US-led coalition reportedly killed top ISIS figure Rachid Kassim within the past 72 hours, according to The Pentagon. Things are looking up for--what seems to be--the first time in the fight against the extremist group.

While this is a great step towards the defeat of ISIS, Callimachi is reporting that ISIS is using President Trump's recent ban of seven primarily Muslim nations as firepower.

On February 8th, Callimachi (@rcallimachi) tweeted out to her followers:

8. The resident said ISIS has been openly celebrating the ban. They've even coined a phrase for it: الحظر المبارك Or "The Blessed Ban"

The Mom of a Backpacker Killed in Europe Does Not Like Our President

(SOURCE)- LONDON (AP) — The mother of a backpacker slain in an Australian hostel wrote an open letter to U.S. President Donald Trump, rejecting the decision to label her daughter's death as a terror attack.

The August slayings of Mia Ayliffe-Chung, 20, and fellow Briton Tom Jackson, 30, were on a list of 78 attacks the White House says were "executed or inspired by" the Islamic State terror group — and under-reported by the media.

Rosie Ayliffe says the possibility of terrorism was discounted early in the investigation.

I want to be the first to say that I am all for the proper vetting of those coming into our country. I want those in the country to be properly screened as well. This does not apply to only people who practice Muslim extremism, but people who practice Christian extremism and anarchy as well. If you want to disrupt and alter my daily life, I don't see a place for you in our nation and I don't know why anyone else would either.

Let's get to the re…

Last Night I Got Sleep Paralysis and It Was Horrible

Last night was a pretty normal night. I went out with some friends and then headed back to my dorm to get some sleep. I was having some trouble staying asleep, waking up every ten minutes in a state of confusion. After many times falling asleep and waking up from a new dream, I realized that I was not actually in my dorm room, but in a dream version of my dorm room. This has happened to me in dreams before but I usually wake up by the time I realize that I am dreaming. However, this time was different. I moved my laptop without using my hands. I made weird colors appear in a wave in front of my eyes. Everything was awesome. It was definitely one of the coolest things that has ever happened to me.

With every positive story, there is a negative one. After what seemed like forever in this dream, I began to wonder if I could wake myself up. I tried really hard and couldn't do it. I tried a few more times, still no luck. After trying about 5 or 6 times to wake myself up from this drea…

What's Going on at UC Berkeley is Hideous

Milos Yiannopoulis was scheduled to speak yesterday at UC Berkeley, but the speech was ultimately cancelled due to violent protests that broke out on campus. People were seen lighting fires, tossing bricks into glass windows, and assaulting police officers.
Let me be clear, the people who violently protested: you are in the wrong. If you do not agree with someone's point of view, regardless of how ridiculous and hateful that it is, protest by gathering peacefully. Let the Milos know that he is in the wrong with words and not actions. By throwing the tantrum that UC Berkeley kids did today, liberals of the world got a bad reputation. People who lean conservative look at situations like this and see liberal America as a bunch of babies who hate free speech. I don't think that I can blame them here. 
Now, before you think that I support Milos, I want it to be known that I think that he is a garbage human being. I want to make that crystal clear. He is strongly against feminism a…