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Update on My Twitter Absence

I have now gone 16 full days without using Twitter and guess what? I'm still here and knowledgable! (I spelled that word right on my first attempt, without autocorrect, so apparently my IQ is skyrocketing.)

I read the AP's website multiple times a day, in addition to ESPN and Pro Football/Baseball Rumors for my sports news. It's nice knowing that some BK Randy isn't giving me his opinion on what is happening in North Korea. I now save that kind of stuff for when I read the Brockton Hub, shoutout to Larry Boyd.

I originally didn't think I'd be able to live without the constant validation that whatever I put on the internet is funny.

I can! It's nice!

I'm definitely less stressed and more focused on other things that I normally wouldn't be doing. I'm more productive at work and check my phone so much less than I did before. Arguably the biggest thing I've noticed since leaving is I haven't fallen for any fake news stories. I feel like I j…

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