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A Summertime Horror Story

Imagine this scenario: it's a warm summer day and your friend invites you to the local lake. It's much easier to make fond memories in the warm New England summer than it is when the temperature doesn't go above freezing for weeks. You seize the opportunity and say yes.

As you arrive, you notice that those weird bugs that only make noise when it's really hot outside are in full force. The birds are chirping. You're swatting huge swarms of gnats from your face. There's really nothing like a good day at the pond.

Maybe you're drinking a few beers, maybe you're fishing, or maybe you're just so bored that looking at a still body of water sounds like a good idea. Whatever, it doesn't really matter. We all know why you're really there. You're there to skip rocks.

Now you may be wondering: skip rocks? Why would adults do that? We're not six-years-old anymore. Look, I don't know. What I do know is this: when you get bored and are near a…

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