The Patriots Lost Super Bowl 50 and They Didn't Even Play

Dear Idiots that rooted for Peyton Manning tonight,
Congrats. You'll never be able to defend TB12 as the best ever. People will always bring up the fact that Peyton is 3-2 against Brady in the playoffs. If this is the last rodeo, it's something you cannot change. Brady could win 100 rings and you would still hear about how Peyton could beat him when it really mattered. If you were a true Brady fan that understood how sports worked, you would side with myself. Have fun watching ESPN until next February when we win the next bowl. But when that happens I will look at New England and say congrats, we did it again. But to Denver, I say that we will see you in the AFC Championship game next year, without Peyton. Brock stands no chance against the brute force that is the New England Patriots. Just for the record I cannot stand those who voted for the arch nemesis, I do no want you on our side nor do I want you to ever think about TB12 in a positive light. This is something you subconsciously have to deal with. I cannot stand you and I just want to say, "Lets goooooooooooooo!!!" I cannot wait to see you on a Thursday in September when the Patriots beat the Broncos.
And one more thing, have fun knowing that your owner backed down to the worst commissioner in the history of sports. We do not have a first round pick in the NFL draft because of Bob Kraft's compliance with a terrible ruling. We will feel this come September. Awful, awful leadership as well as execution. I just hope that the team can rally around this Super Bowl win by the Broncos and bring a 5th one back to New England. What a disgrace.

That was my immediate reaction that turned into a Facebook post a little past midnight after the Super Bowl ended. I still stand by it even though some of it is incoherent babbling. The Patriots are going to have as much motivation as ever, so it will be a fun season. But when you saw what this Denver team with no offense to speak of against a supposedly great Carolina team, it makes you wonder what we could have done against them. Maybe the hiring of Scarnecchia will solve some of our problems. Who knows?


  1. Scarnacchia will bring good things to this organization. Brock is a pimple on Tom's ass.


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