The First Post

Welcome to I am not really sure what this website is going to turn out to be. It may be one that lasts a few days, or one that lasts much longer than that. What I do know is while we are on the internet, we will do our best to try to bring accurate news stories, sports reports, and personal opinions. There are many places out there where the news is skewed, in a way, to favor one side of a political agenda. This is not the proper way to receive the news. The public should have a way of getting an unbiased view of what is going on in our country, as well as around the globe. Lets get down to business and describe who will be writing for the site. The Big 3. 

Patrick Burke (myself): I will act as the moderator, in addition to writing my own stories on a variety of subjects.

Justin Allen: Justin will cover hockey and global stories. He has an incredible ability to make an argument and argue this point with facts and common sense, so it will be interesting to see what he has to come up with. 

Matt Kafel: Matt will begin to cover baseball, and "life", as he put it when I asked him what he wanted to report on. I am sure that Matt will be able to throw together more than a few intriguing stories. 

Well, here goes nothing. We're on. 


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