Is This Possibly The Dumbest Person On The Planet?

This... Is easily in the top five dumbest human beings on the face of the earth. So many things said in this video are some of the most mind-boggling, and overwhelmingly stupid things I've ever heard in my life. It's not even the fact she had no clue where Budapest was, because that's not that unreasonable. But, statements such as: 

"I thought Europe was a country"
That's what started the snowball effect of  just brainless statements that spewed out of this ladies mug.
Next up we have:

"I know they speak French there"

Such a bold statement. You had no idea Europe was not a country 15 seconds before this. Then right after you admitted that gem, you say "Buddhist..... Budapest I've never even heard of that" Now all of sudden you KNOW they speak French there... Keep em coming sweetheart.

"Is France a country?" 

This is in the same breath as her speaking French statement. Also hit us with a "I don't think France is a country" this is just getting unreal. 

"Hungary? That's a country!? Now I've heard of Turkey but..."

I'm done... She can't be serious this is just absolutely asinine. 

PS: Best part of this video is her fifth grade partner looking at her the whole time amazed that a grown person can be such an idiot. 

PSS: This imbecile is country singer Kellie Pickler and she is worth millions of dollars... So let that one sink in. 


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