Is This Sea Otter Better Than Dwight Howard?

So this video is actually a couple years old now but it's making its rounds again on the Internet. Maybe the cutest thing I've ever seen. But if we're being honest I would absolutely own that thing in pool basketball. I have a hoop just like that in my pool except it's sturdy and has a metal rim with a net. I'm an expert on pool basketball and there's huge problems with this little guy.  Let's start off with the blatant fact that he's not even using a real basketball.  This otter is cute and all but it's bush league. How about come from a different angle for me one time. Just a one trick show, shut down that move and it's over. Even it does score on me I would dunk over it every single time then hit a couple fade away j's and call it a day. Also if you want to score you got to yell "KOBEEEE" when you shoot and it will go in (old hockey trick).

I got nothing but love for my dude Eddie the Sea Otter, but people are being ridiculous here blowing his skill out of proportion. So, Oregon Zoo, if you're reading this I challenge Eddie to a game of one on one pool basketball and we'll see who the real champ is.


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