The Grand Cinematography of Budapest Hotel

Scenery and costumes are just as important as acting within a piece of cinema or theatre. Cinematographer Robert Yeoman works with director Wes Anderson to create a beautiful animated, yet real, movie that will keep you interested throughout the whole 99 minutes of the film. 

The story of Gustav H, a concierge at a famous hotel between WWI and WWII. Zero Moustafa, the lobby boy, becomes one of his best friends and protege. They go on an adventure together when one of Gustav's elderly lovers mysteriously dies. She leaves a priceless painting to Gustav in her will, and he is a prime suspect to her murder. The story is up and up with humor and a few different plots. 

The whole movie is bright, with pinks, blues. purples, and many other bright and pastel colors. The sharpness of all the colors within the landscapes and costumes create some sort of an animated feel, which makes the movie even more fun and inviting. 
The movement of the actors works extremely well with the costumes and scenery provided. I appreciated everything that went into this film, and how seamless everything was.

This movie is one of my favorites visually. I recommend it greatly if anyone is interested in a movie that will be pleasing to the eye with great  wit. 
This movie was nominated for many Oscars, including:
best motion picture
best achievement in directing
best achievement in cinematography
best achievement in film editing
It won oscars for: 
best achievement in costume design
best achievement in makeup
and best achievement in production design. 
(and a few others, but these are the important ones to me) 

Every award this movie was nominated for deserved the win. It is a great visually pleasing movie and one of my favorites. 


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