Elon Musk Kind of Sucks Now

Yung Musk
Damnit, Elon. You could have been so cool. You probably will still be the first one to do so many things and I will always respect the way you basically inspired the new space race. But, you suck on Twitter. You're now my least favorite follow, and that includes Trump!

His recent outburst about how he was a socialist was the thing that threw me over the edge. I'm pretty sure that by being a billionaire, he's not really doing a whole lot to ensure the distribution of wealth to society. Which is fine, if I was a billionaire, I wouldn't want to just give my money away to anybody, but I'm not claiming to be a socialist!

The man was behind the first company to successfully shoot a rocket into space, have it land in tact and ready to use for the next mission. He now goes after Twitter trolls who clearly are doing their best to get under his skin.

Imagine having a bazillion dollars and STILL BEING ON TWITTER? Literally the only reason I use that app is to keep me sane while I go through school and my internship. You know what would make me sane? A bazillion dollars. I'm sure that he devotes more than enough time and energy into making his companies successful because you don't get a net worth like that by slacking off all day. All I'm saying is whenever someone that used to be loved (see: Kanye, James Woods, Trump, Rosanne...) started using Twitter to air their daily thoughts, things turned sour.

Now, I'm not gonna go on this rant without using a few examples. I really love Elon as a businessman and as an innovator, but Twitter makes me question whether or not he's an insufferable human or not. Let's take a look.

For starters, he's constantly defending Tesla. Whenever there is a crash involving one of his vehicles, he seems to be responding to whatever news agency is sharing the story. This isn't a bad thing, because I would defend my baby to the max if I had something like he did. The thing that sucks is: he never lets it go! He never lets his supporters give his haters the facts (which I used to think were impressive, but are apparently in question). I feel like Musk is always jumping into conversations between two random people to tell them that Tesla is far below the mark of the average vehicle when it comes to crash rates. Guess what Elon: the people that are attacking you don't care! They're gonna spin it whatever way they want to make you look bad. Just please give it up already.

The second thing that really grinds my gears, word to Peter Griffin, is his idea for a website that would track the credibility of journalists. Objectively, this is a pretty good idea because of the sensationalism of news in the past few years. I would like to know who is trustworthy and who isn't, it's not a bad idea! However, giving the power to someone like Musk, who has not been shy in his criticism of those who question his methods, is not a good idea at all. Guess who he is gonna deem not credible? Those who share the stories that his production of Teslas may not be going as smooth as it should be. Why stop there? Once there's a new candidate who Musk wants to win, what's stopping one of the world's most powerful and influential people from discrediting journalists writing pieces that show his candidate in a negative light? I don't want him to go down this road because it would be nothing but trouble.

I'm saving the best for last: THE BORING COMPANY NOT A FLAMETHROWER! Elon "save the planet I love everyone" Musk made, marketed, and sold a damn flamethrower to the general public. I don't know whether or not that was his attempt of being Mr. Cool but it's just outrageous. Think I need a flamethrower? Nope. Guess what, I'm not that dumb. There's definitely someone out there who's gonna have a few drinks and light their house on fire. Someone probably will use that thing for evil and when it happens, Musk is going to sit back and claim that he owns no responsibility for what happened. All because he got bored on Twitter one day and wanted to spice life up a bit.

Elon Musk is super inspirational. He came from nothing and made himself into a billionaire by believing in his dreams. I just don't want to see his train of thought on a day-to-day basis. For that reason, I'm out.

(A little Shark Tank reference for those who live under a rock).

BTW, my personal favorite is, "Too enthusiastic, I'm out." Long live Barb.


  1. Hahahahahaha too enthusastic I’m out


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