What's Going on at UC Berkeley is Hideous

Scott Strazzante, The Chronicle
Milos Yiannopoulis was scheduled to speak yesterday at UC Berkeley, but the speech was ultimately cancelled due to violent protests that broke out on campus. People were seen lighting fires, tossing bricks into glass windows, and assaulting police officers.

Let me be clear, the people who violently protested: you are in the wrong. If you do not agree with someone's point of view, regardless of how ridiculous and hateful that it is, protest by gathering peacefully. Let the Milos know that he is in the wrong with words and not actions. By throwing the tantrum that UC Berkeley kids did today, liberals of the world got a bad reputation. People who lean conservative look at situations like this and see liberal America as a bunch of babies who hate free speech. I don't think that I can blame them here. 

Now, before you think that I support Milos, I want it to be known that I think that he is a garbage human being. I want to make that crystal clear. He is strongly against feminism and the Black Lives Matter movement. He plays into the hands of conservative, religious America by saying that he should be "fixed" of his gayness. He does not believe in gay rights for Americans. In fact, he says that rights for homosexual Americans are detrimental to society. In short, I believe that Milos is exploiting the fears of conservative America.

Milos is the version of Trump that is accessible to the masses. He says what he wants, when he wants to, and does not pay the price for it. His constant spreading of "FAKE NEWS" is what is ruining journalistic opportunities for college graduates.

Before I dive too deep into the life of Milos, I want to pose a question. Why does anyone care what this man has to say? This man has never graduated from a university. He does not have a degree to prove that he is worthy of speaking at America's top university. I know what you may be thinking, "Steve Jobs never finished college!!" Give me a break. Jobs gave us the iPhone, while Milos started an online persona that exists solely to get a rise out of people by saying absurd things. His employment as editor at Breitbart News should show you the type of person that he is. Milos thinks abortion is murder because of his devote Christian upbringing. Christians notoriously are not too fond of gays, so it is interesting to see him unable to separate Church and State. 

In short, Milo Yiannopoulis is not an American citizen. I don't know why his beliefs are used so strongly by the American right. He cannot vote for the president of this country. The fact that so many Americans found solace in what he had to say is deeply troubling.

While Milos may be a terrible person, it is unjust to burn UC Berkeley. The students there have made it harder for college students to voice their views without being shunned by their elders. Protests should always be in a peaceful matter. If you look at different examples over the years you would see that non-violent protests worked more often than ones that broke out in violence. I am saddened to learn that my fellow Americans could not control themselves. This is a troubling time in America. I just hope that eventually we can come together as one.


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