Thoughts On Trump and the Inauguration

Trump and Melania at the Inaugural Concert
Well, the time has come. Trump is scheduled to be sworn in at around 12 noon tomorrow morning. I'm not gonna get into the fact that he lost the popular vote and how he probably isn't the best fit for the country. What he did in this election season was amazing and shocking to most of America. It showed that Middle America and the middle class felt neglected. Hopefully he can fix that issue, while at the same time, figuring out how to appeal to the masses. 

As a quick side note, I have always thought of this guy to be a jerk. I followed him on Twitter back in the day just to laugh at his stupid takes. I used to think that The Apprentice and The Celebrity Apprentice were weird power trippy shows. But, to each his own and now he is the president. He is a successful businessman (maybe) that will hopefully steer America into a great era of prosperity while at the same time taking steps in the right direction socially. 

At the end of the day, I want him to succeed because I want America to succeed. It would be stupid to root against our own people. 

Here is a little rant from my Facebook:

What I have taken from my first real election season is the power of division. For a second, forget the policies, beliefs and personal opinions. I don’t know how anyone expects the country to be together when one side refers to the other as “liberal babies” or “Bible beaters”. If you are constantly being belittled by supporters of the opposite party, then the division deepens. I think this is actually what led Hillary to fumble and lose the election! You can’t call a large portion of the nation deplorable and expect everything to be okay. It’s all about respect. Not many are ready to hear the opinion of the other side. I personally don’t know what it was like for elections pre-Obama because I was too little. I do remember the mutual respect that Obama and McCain had for each other, however. From my young eyes, I saw that at that point, the majority of people in this nation were okay with either one being elected. This year, it was selecting between people who hated each other and had plans to run the country polar opposite of each other. My point here is this: take a moment and listen to what the other side has to say, maybe your views might just line up with theirs.


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