Guy Who Murdered a Cop Tried to Kill Himself on Facebook Live

Sylvester Holt on the Crescent City Connection Bridge in New Orleans today

The suspect in a double shooting has shot himself on the Crescent City Connection, according to a source. He appears to still be alive.
Sylvester Holt is accused of shooting a Westwego police officer and a pregnant woman early Friday morning shooting at the intersection of Ames and Barataria boulevards.
Police are currently on the the Crescent City Connection speaking with a man they believe is the suspect, Sylvester Holt. As of 3:40 p.m., he appeared to be surrendering with his hands behind his head. Officers had their guns drawn. Out of an abundance of caution, pulled the livestream of the scene.
The officer killed at the scene was identified as Michael Louvier, according to Jefferson Parish Newell Normand. The woman was identified as 32-year-old Simone Veal of the 4000 block of Lillie Street in Marrero.
The Jefferson Parish coroner said Veal was about eight weeks pregnant when she was killed.

Okay so today as I was trolling the internet I came across the craziest thing I had seen in a while (and Trump was sworn in today). The headline said that this dude shot a cop and was threatening to jump off the Crescent City Connection bridge. Intrigued, I clicked on the live stream not really sure what to expect.

About two or three minutes into watching this man talk to the police I realized that I was becoming bored. I wanted something to happen. Then, something sort of profound hit me. Putting aside the fact that this guy murdered a cop and his pregnant girl and deserved to die, I was essentially waiting to see another human die on a Facebook Live video. As messed up as it sounds, this is our reality in the social media age. Maybe you're reading this and saying "uhhh yeah I doubt anyone else had this type of thought process"... At one point, there were around 170,000 people watching this stream with me which is bananas. 

I watched for about forty minutes and didn't see anything of importance happen, so I shut it off and went about my day. Apparently the dude ended up shooting himself but he didn't die and was eventually taken in by the cops. KSLA 18 had shut the feed down as soon as they saw the cops draw their guns. The craziest thing about this whole situation is if that man decided to take his own life, there would have been 3 times the audience of a sold out Patriots game seeing him fall to his death. The social media age is a wild time. Older generations wonder how we have become so numb to death. 

Side note: I hope this guy rots in jail forever if he doesn't die from his gunshot wound. 8 weeks pregnant. Terrible.


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